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Discrete Wires with Connectors

Electrol uses automated, high-speed cutting, stripping and crimping equipment to handle almost any type of wire or cable. These automated processes improve process repeatability and increase the overall quality of our discrete wires.

Capabilities include:

  • Stocking of UL/CSA-certified wire and cable
  • Automated cut, strip and component application to customer specification
  • In-process crimp inspection
  • In-process wire marking; hot stamp or label
  • Partial strip wire ends, retaining insulation
  • Automated wire processing equipment includes Komax, Schleuniger, Kodera, Artos and Carpenter
  • Tube cutting and blunt cutting available

Wire Harnesses

Electrol's lean approach to engineering and manufacturing of wire harnesses drives out waste from the process. All processes are controlled through the use of technical documentation, visual assembly instructions and assembly boards, ensuring reduced costs and shorter lead times.

Electrol has the expertise to produce wire harness assemblies containing:

  • Multi-Conductor cabling, both high and low density
  • Insulation Displacement Connections (IDC), including flat cable and discrete wire
  • Crimp-and-poke connectors
  • Multiple connection methods
  • Automated connector processing equipment includes AMP, T&B, JST, Hirose, Molex and Panduit
  • Flexible cellular operations allow for efficient manufacturing of low-volume, highly complex wire harnesses

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Electrol is a full-service, engineering-driven company with the size, scale and financial resources to partner with OEMs in providing complete outsourced manufacturing services.

Electrol offers turn-key customer solutions for electro-mechanical assembly and testing, small box builds and large control panels needs through:

  • Assisting in the design for manufacturability process to reduce cost
  • Sourcing and procurement of all components including printed circuit board assemblies, metal fabrications, machined parts and plastic moldings
  • Providing Kanban/consigned inventory programs to reduce the customer's total cost of ownership (TCO) and involvement
  • Developing technical documentation, visual assembly instructions and assembly/test fixtures
  • Utilizing flexible cellular operations allow for efficient manufacturing of low-volume, highly complex electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Offering soldered cable assemblies, interfacing to connectors, circuit boards (ESD area) and components
  • Providing manufacturing capabilities to modify transformers, motors, switches and electro-mechanical components to customer specifications
  • Providing well-developed custom kitting capabilities

Industrial Cables

Electrol offers design assistance and has robust manufacturing capabilities to produce industrial cable assemblies including:

  • Mil-spec cables with sealed connectors (Amphenol)
  • Power cables with high-power circular connectors (Siemens)
  • Power cables as large as 750 MCM
  • Formed power cables
  • Multi-conductor cables with mixed power/signal
  • Battery cables
  • Overmolded power cords that are stripped/terminated per customer
  • Automated wire processing equipment includes Artos, AMP, T&B and Panduit

Data Communication Cables

Electrol has the capabilities to manufacture custom data/communication cables working with a wide array of electrical jacketed cables- whether unshielded or multi-shielded- built to a customer's precise needs. These capabilities include the ability to manufacture:

  • Fiber optic cable assembllies
  • Ribbon cable assembly, jacketed and shielded, color coded and split wires
  • RF and coaxial cable assemblies
  • Sub-D cable assemblies
  • Communication cable assemblies
  • Twisted pair cable assemblies
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