World-class quality at Electrol starts with a workforce that is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. Delivering high-quality products when the customer wants them is the core of Electrol’s quality system and is accomplished through:

Employee Continuing Education

  • Education and testing of all production personnel to IPC/WHMA-A-620
  • Education and testing on Lean and Six Sigma principles

Process Control

  • Robust first-article processes assure the highest-quality product from new product development stages through production
  • Custom assembly and test boards are built in-house for each assembly
  • Labeling, barcoding, special packaging and traceability identification

Testing and Inspection

  • Incoming inspection on all purchased materials (Electrol uses UL certified and RoHS compliant components)
  • Manufacturing inspection (first-piece, hourly in process and last-piece inspections)
  • Testing of electronic systems including: continuity, short, Hi-Pot and component tests on Cablescan, Slaughter and HiPotronics equipment
  • All products manufactured are 100 percent continuity tested
  • Testing of mechanical systems including: pull force, bend tests and pin and socket insertion
  • Testing for fiber optic cable loss on Advanced Fiber Solutions equipment


  • ISO 9001:2015 
  • UL and CSA certifications
  • Multiple customer certifications

From process mapping to risk analysis, Electrol has the processes in place to support the level of quality our customers deserve and we expect.

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